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Fireside is not just a consultancy.

We are an extension of your brand.

Fireside is at the intersection of digital and human, technology and touch. That place where qualitative actions have quantitative results. We are unique in our ability to use cold, hard digital tools to help brands take their customers' relationships deeper.

360 Approach

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Coffee brand eCommerce
Grew database and gained information
Health and wellness supplements
Subscription-based food and beverage brand
NFL football team website


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From high growth eCommerce companies to heritage retailers making their first steps online, we help our clients achieve their goals.


Health and wellness supplements
Athletic apparel eCommerce
High fashion children’s swimwear brand
Napa Valley winery
Multi-brand wholesale eCommerce
Premium pipe eCommerce
Licensed and custom wall decor
Beauty and cosmetics eCommerce
NFL football team website



average lift in website revenues


average lift in website engagement


average lift in conversion rate


average campaign click-through rate


average database increase


“I could give you a laundry list of improvements Fireside helped us with. Dynamic segmentation of our database, creation of new, highly effective email journeys and a ton of copy and design optimization. Our open rate and clicks to conversion grown to multiple times higher with Fireside. I’d love to share a story about Fireside responsiveness to our needs. They completed an entirely unexpected process, vetting, negotiating and migrating our entire ESP. Which in turned allowed us to continue sending critical business driving emails without any ESP outages or downtime.”

Jimmy Mortan
CMO | Nifty's

“Thank you for making this process so organized and thorough.”

Rachael Hardway
Director of Digital Marketing | Red Bull Records

“I’d like to thank Fireside for all for your retention support and hard work with optimizations happening at lightning speed. None of this could have been done and or possible without our partnership.”

Kortney Rich
Founder | Psudo

“Fireside has been an incredible, consistent extension of Strut’s team and digital marketing strategy. Fireside is the reason Strut has been able to get more advanced and strategic holistically, optimize their own internal workflow, plan ahead, and execute on Fireside’s recommended initiatives in a way that moves the needle for our business.”

Kunal Merchant
CMO | Strut

“Fireside is a robustly talented team and have truly been amazing partners for our brand, and such a pleasure to work”

Tina Nesgooda
COO | Intelligent Nutrients