Work/Life Balance

We’re committed to our team's happiness, both in and out of the office. We’ve paired a team that does great work with a culture that supports family time, travel, and personal interests.

Training & Development

We have a passion for learning and cultivate that within our team by offering annual continuing education benefits, bi-monthly learning series, and an extensive team resource library.

Team Support

We offer opportunities for continued learning and mentorship, such as weekly strategy sessions with leadership and check-ins with our CEO that allow you to provide feedback and ask questions.

Fireside Team


What putting happiness first looks like

We invest in our team and create an engaging environment where we can work, collaborate, and build trust. Our geographically diverse team is passionate, efficient, and has the flexibility of working from anywhere. We’re proud of the culture we’ve created and we want that excitement to grow with every new team member.


We care about our team

At Fireside, it is important to provide each team member with whatever they need to succeed and stay healthy. We offer a fantastic, competitive benefits package for each full time employee.

We offer medical, dental, vision & life insurance. We also pay for 50% of the employee medical premium and 100% of the employee $25,000 life insurance plan.
We offer 16 weeks maternity leave with 100% pay and 6 weeks paternity leave with 100% pay.
We match up to 4% of income on a pre-tax option.
We offer an unlimited vacation policy for our team from day one.
We encourage exploration and adventure. Our holiday bonus is a travel voucher that grows in value every year you are with the company.
We offer monthly Peloton app membership and Whoop bands with weekly team competitions.


“Fireside has given me the opportunity to continue to grow and carve out my own path. Not only is everyone at Fireside incredibly knowledgeable, but they are also kind, supportive and a lot of fun! I couldn’t ask for a better team!”

Lizzy Brownell
Account Manager

“Being a part of the Fireside team has allowed me to flourish within my career and beyond. I always feel truly supported in each and every one of my tasks – and know there is always a helping hand when needed.”

Kelsey Litchfield
Account Executive

“Before working at Fireside, I thought people were lying when they would say, “The culture is the best!” but now I know that is true here. Everyone at Fireside is eager to work hard for a common goal and takes time to have fun and live full lives in and out of work. At Fireside, you can have both work and life!”

Olivia Stein
Associate Strategist