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Nom Nom

Enhanced email deliverability and engagement through ESP migrations, list cleaning, IP re-warming, customer onboarding, and winback strategies

The Problem

Nom Nom Now is a healthy, fresh food for dogs formulated by top Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. With multiple technologies speaking to the customer and poor list health, they were facing incredibly low email engagement rates, poor IP health and high subscription churn.

The Solution

  • Aided in multiple ESP migrations: SendGrid, Klaviyo and Iterable
  • List cleaning: sunset flow, segmentation, and list validation
  • Developed 45 day strategy to re-warm IP to bring health back from red to green
  • Optimize onboarding flows to negate new customer concerns
  • Created tailored winback offers based on cancel reason



Increase in new customer onboarding CVR


decrease in churn rate


decrease in email bounce rate