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The Problem

MUD/WTR is one of the fastest growing DTC brands in the market today but was starting to experience customer drop-off and churn for their subscription based product. They had 9 separate technologies speaking to the customer and didn’t have proper segmentation in place for their email marketing.

The Solution

To streamline MUD/WTR’s technology and customer messaging, we consolidated their tech stack through Klaviyo and launched 18 new flows with segmentation and simplified design and content for emails. To control delivery and fulfillment notifications we launched Recharge SMS.

The Results

Through consolidating technology stack, expanding automations and customer segmentation, and streamlining messaging, we were able to improve marketing metrics for churn and repeat purchase rate as well as increase overall revenue.

  • Reduced churn by 11%
  • Increased repeat purchase rate by 10%
  • Increased revenue from email $500,000