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Migrated legacy ecommerce system onto Shopify Plus, modernized digital infrastructure, ecommerce platforms, and IT data migration. Implemented new Business Intelligence tools to allow for improved marketing attribution and product performance metrics.

The Problem

Fathead’s In-House Marketing and eCommerce platforms caused technical, efficiency, and financial debt that made product creation, business analytics, and attribution a costly and immensely difficult task to maintain and improve. An unprofitable business for 13 years, Fathead needed to make drastic changes across all business functions to ensure it could continue operations

The Solution

(PI) To capture the brand equity of Fathead and its audience we proposed migrating off their legacy ecommerce system onto Shopify Plus - bringing a best-in-class development firm to lead the technical migration.

(PI/AP) Developer talent became a clear need, which was solved by bringing in an outsourced CTO and off-shore talent to accelerate Fathead’s modernization across digital infrastructure, eCommerce platforms, and IT data migration

(PI/CRO) To improve customer understanding, we moved to a new ESP in Klaviyo to better manage their 2.3 million contact database, and brought new Business Intelligence tools into the business to allow for improved marketing attribution and product performance metrics to guide the business forward.

(PI/AP) To help grow their wholesale revenue, we introduced a new partner to help with Amazon strategy and marketing, while also introducing a new EDI approach for expansion of additional wholesale partners in the sports and entertainment world.


30% YoY

CPA improved

40% YoY

Revenue improved

50% YoY

ROAS improved