Get in the Visual Content Game: An Overview on Infographics

These Marketing Gems are More Valuable Than You May Think

infographicHumans are visual animals. A snap of color can grab people’s attention a lot faster than a snappy headline can. At the same time, you need something of substance behind that color to get your point across. That’s where infographics can help. You have probably come across infographics a time or two while online. They are effective tools for inbound marketing and can help boost your business’ online presence.

Rational and Emotional Reactions

Marketers usually go after the rational brain or the emotional brain. Infographics are great because you can appeal to people’s rational and emotional sides. That’s why infographics spread like wildfire around the web.

Help with SEO and Social Media Campaigns

Because infographics spread so quickly, they are also able to help SEO and social media marketing efforts. Basically, the more links and shares you get, the better your SEO and social media campaigns will be. People love to share interesting infographics with their own audiences.

They Get the Point Across

Infographics aren’t just a colorful way to gain exposure and improve your SEO. The key is that they get your point across in an easy to digest and visually appealing way. There is nothing worse than a twenty-page report on a topic to lose your audience’s interest. People are hungry for interesting information presented in a snapshot. 

With that in mind, let’s go over some tips for creating infographics.

Tips for Creating Infographics

There are templates you can use to create your infographics. Before you use a template, though, you need to know what to include.

First, you need to decide on a theme. What do you want the infographic to tell people? What is your audience looking for?

Then, you need to do your research. Come up with some solid facts that are backed by reputable sources.

Once you complete your research, you will need to put the information in order based on importance, with the most important information first. Then, you will create a hierarchy with the information when you add it to the infographic. Basically, you want people to see the most important information first and the least important information last.  

Programs for Creating Infographics

You have a lot of different options for creating infographics. First, you can simply use PowerPoint. You can use images, clipart, shapes, styles and text boxes. This takes a little bit of work, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to use all of the features to create some nice infographics. Just be sure to use three to four different colors if you use PowerPoint and keep the white spaces to a minimum. is another great way to make infographics. You can choose your template and then customize the infographic. Then, you will be able to post it to your social media account right from the site. This is quite a bit easier than PowerPoint, so if you are just getting started, you might want to use

Piktochart is another fantastic option. You can just drag and drop items to create your infographic. Also, like, you will have access to different templates.

Infographics are becoming increasingly important. They are very powerful and a great way to create viral content and boost your search engine optimization and social marketing campaigns. 

By Kelli Wilkinson

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