Looking Ahead to 2021 with PCR


2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least – but also a year of growth, for PCR as well. We’ve shifted our agency model and client focus as well as expanded our team, skills, and, fortunately, our client base.

While we, like many other businesses, have had to pivot with our new normal, we’ve also had to focus on our own innovation, transformation, and agency differentiators in the digital marketing and eCommerce spaces to better serve our clients and their needs. We’ve had to become experts in new skill sets, learn new best practices, and adapt to what marketing and eCommerce might look like moving forward. One positive, for sure, is that 2020 allowed for education and growth.

2020… What a Year

Last year was already headed in a direction of digital transformation and technological innovations in the eCommerce and marketing worlds, but the COVID-19 pandemic only served as a catalyst for most companies to complete these upgrades. We quickly recognized the need for companies to create a strong, foundational online presence that not only made sense for their business itself, but made it easy for their customers to browse their content, submit their information, and ultimately make a purchase.

Being able to create a trackable attribution loop that helps map important data points such as website conversion rates, customer drop off points, revenue attribution to email marketing, top performing products sold via specific channels, and being able to see all of the touch points that hit our customers to contribute to their conversion are all critical for businesses to really have a granular view of their health.

The New PCR

Broadly, PCR serves as a trusted partner in developing our clients’ digital marketing strategy. Our team specializes in audience growth, conversion rate optimization, platform and infrastructure, as well as agency procurement. Let’s take a deeper dive into understanding these categories.

  • Audience Growth – We focus on nontraditional ways to drive growth for our clients through partnerships and earned media, helping drive the costs of acquisition significantly down and customer LTVs (lifetime values) up.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – We find the initiatives that require minimal effort that can drive maximum impact through our client’s existing audience and data. Getting customers to their “a-ha” moment faster and more efficiently.
  • Platform and Infrastructure – With so many new tools and technologies out there, it can be tough to pick the right technology stack for your business. We help navigate this to ensure highest efficiency and profitability for our clients.
  • Agency Procurement – We’ve built a trusted network of agencies, vendors, and freelancers that we help directly manage giving our clients the best team across every aspect of marketing. 

As an agency, we continue to expand our knowledge base to guide a variety of clients. In 2020 we partnered with brands such as Fathead, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Mint Mobile to solve various business challenges such as their technology stack, revenue growth through email marketing and owned channels, CRM implementation, and audience retention. 

Looking Ahead

In 2021, we’re looking forward to working with even more eCommerce and B2B clients. We’re excited to begin offering in-depth UX audits to our clients, as well as continued expertise in our offerings. It’s hard to predict the outcome of 2021, but one thing we know is that PCR will continue to adapt to the changing digital marketing landscape and push innovative ideas for our clients.

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