Job Description

Senior Year College Internship

Fireside is an award winning digital consultancy focusing on driving revenue for high growth ecommerce brands, through intense focus on Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Retention, and Email Marketing. We focus heavily on culture and community and offer a remote internship. The goal of our internship is to support and work alongside our account and strategy teams in direct communication with the agency’s clients while gaining an understanding of all areas Fireside works within.

This is the Right Fit for you if:

  • You have high written and verbal communication skills.
  • You have effective project management skills.
  • You are skilled in both analysis of opportunity as well as synthesis of resolution.
  • You have high organizational skill.
  • You value the ability to collaborate with a variety of personalities and to unify their strengths in service of a singular purpose.
  • You have the ability to rapidly gain technical knowledge of implementation and review systems.

Internship Curriculum:

  • You will work with each team on plan formulation.
    • Work with and support each team in their formulation and launch of strategic client plans.
    • Participate in a core strategy session, to understand what the client goals are, what levers we are able to pull to accomplish them, and the action plan for how to implement.
    • Strategic Goals Presentation prepare and present a strategic plan for each section of the business, with clear articulated goals, insights, and actions.
  • Opportunity Identification and Development.
    • Data gathering and educated analysis are at the core of our work, and we want to make sure each intern feels comfortable with the platforms and client data provided.
  • Action and Implementation.
    • Data and Insights are important, but action is the core element of impact. We want the interns at PCR to feel comfortable with implementation and refinement in the platforms of each client. The Intern will be expected to support the implementation and editing of client campaigns, with the support and guidance of the team.
  • Accreditation
    • Our goal is that each intern leaves PCR with a strong understanding of retention, user experience, and client data analysis. To provide tangible aspects of this, we hope to have each intern certified in the core platforms that support PCR’s work including:
      • Hubspot
      • Klaviyo
      • Google Analytics