7 Tips For an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

Creating a Facebook ad campaign is a great start to increasing likes and engagement on your Facebook business page.  It can help generate new leads and help build your brand socially.  While Facebook does a decent job at coaching a business owner through the process, we would like to suggest a few tips and tricks to make sure you have a successful advertising campaign.

1) Create catchy copy

Keep it simple, clear and captivating.  Create a call to action so people are more likely to click on your advertisement. Use words such a free, under $20, sale or other phrases that will engage more people to click your ad. And remember, spell check.  There is nothing more unattractive than an ad with grammar issues.

2) Inspire with imagery

Pick an image that is clear, vibrant and eye catching.  Ads are small, so make sure the picture is simple.  Logos are ok, but only if they are highly recognizable.  If you have an aesthetically pleasing product, showcase it. Remember, it is the photos that will grab your viewers’ attention first and foremost before the copy.

3) Try a sponsored story

These types of ads typically get a higher click-through rate.  Tapping into word-of-mouth marketing in the social world is huge.  If users see that their Facebook friends like your product, they are more inclined to check it out.

4) Target your audience

Facebook is really good about targeting your audience.  If your product is focused towards women in Florida who are 35-55 and like cooking, great! You’ll be able to specifically target these ladies through Facebook advertising.  While there are some limitations with ad targeting, it is only to prevent you from making your target too narrow.

5) Test multiple ads

We love that Facebook gives you the option to test multiple ad designs at once.  Facebook will give you metrics on each ad’s performance.  You will be able to see which ad responds best with your audience, and you can continue your campaign from there.

6) Direct your ads towards your Facebook page

When a Facebook user clicks on your ad, where does it go?  Facebook reports that if your ad directs users to your Facebook page or a Facebook app, you will see a 50 percent improvement on ROI.  Users in Facebook want to stay in Facebook so it is best to keep them within the site. Also, reports show that the average Facebook ad cost-per-click is significantly less than if the ad directs them away from Facebook.

7) Keep your ads fresh

Change up your ads every few weeks.  Whether you update the image or copy, when you keep your content fresh you will see better engagement. Keep an eye on your campaign to make sure ad performance does not drop.

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