The Switch to Inbound Marketing

pcrAs you many of you have seen lately there have been quite a few changes going on within our company.  We have rebranded to PCR Agency and have made a concentrated effort to produce more content through our blog and social media channels.  This has been a long time in the making and I couldn’t be more excited about enhancing our content strategy. 

PCR truly encompasses the new direction we are taking as a company to produce maximum results not only for us internally but for our clients as well.  PCR stands for:




I cannot stress how vital this will be for all marketing plans moving forward online.  As a company you absolutely have to start promoting great content through blogs and social media, converting those visitors into leads whether it be phone calls, form submissions or ebook downloads and then retaining those clients. We know the maxim in marketing is that it’s much easier to sell an existing customer than it is to market and sell a new one and the best way to keep those clients is through email marketing and social media.

After 6 years in this industry I have seen my fair share of changes with updates coming from Google in the past 12 months then all 5 years previous combined.  Google’s ultimate goal is to provide relevant and high quality results to its users, their updates reflect this thinking quite strongly.  The old way of buying links and over optimizing pages is not only outdated but also will have your website off the first page of Google. 

Three months ago we were writing close to 275 pages of content a month for our clients and while this was extremely effective I felt our focus was too much on quantity as opposed to quality. We made a decision as a company to shift to less pages with more research and higher quality writing.  We have seen this work with great impact for our clients. 

The largest driving force in our switch to Inbound Marketing has been our recent partnership with Hubspot.  Many of you have probably encountered some sort of content from them whether it is a blog, ebook, presentation or video.  It is a company that truly has its pulse on what businesses need to compete online and to maximize their presence.  In January we became a Value Added Reseller or VAR for short.  This partnership has been beneficial in two different ways, it allows us an opportunity to practice what we preach and to offer additional marketing and insight to our clients.

In a short amount of time working with Hubspot we have found the software to be quite powerful in our inbound marketing efforts. Within only 2 months of launching our new site we are ranking on the 1st page for a few selected keywords, and furthermore we have a set marketing plan that we can follow and capitalize on. This is something we have been lacking since I started the company.

For our clients it’s a simple matter of putting an integrated and holistic marketing plan together that will produce the highest ROI.  The days of having a 10 page website with a couple calls to action and bare bones content plan is null and void in most industries.  The old adage of not needing a blog because my customers do not care will be similar to 10 years ago saying I don’t need a website because my clients can find me in the YellowPages. 

We see this opportunity only growing and cannot wait to leverage Hubspot in every way possible for ourselves and our clients.  This will put everyone involved in a great position moving forward and we are look forward to reaping the rewards to come.

As always if you have any specific questions feel free to reach me at the office or you can always email me at

By Kelli Wilkinson

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