Internet Marketing Terms Defined

Put Simply – What Do They Mean?

marketingLots of business owners get confused when it comes to Internet marketing terms. What may seem obvious to some could be considered jargon for others in a different field.

Here’s a handy guide to some of the terms you’ll hear your Internet marketing company throw around.

Above the Fold

The fold is the bottom of the viewing area on a webpage. Anything from the bottom of the viewing area up is above the fold, and anything underneath the bottom of the viewing area is below the fold. The most important information should be above the fold. Also, if you have an opt-in form for your email list, you need to place it above the fold. That way, you will collect more leads. Then, you can use some lead nurturing techniques to turn them into customers.


Search engines use algorithms to determine organic search rankings. The engines crawl websites, evaluate them, and then grade them based on the algorithm. Sites are crawled periodically, so people can make adjustments to their sites in order to move up in the rankings.


The click-through-rate refers to the percentage of people who click on an ad. In order to determine the percentage, marketers divide the total impressions by the clicks. If you have a low click-through-rate, you likely need to use more targeting options for your PPC campaign.


Cost-per-click refers to the amount you pay for each click in a pay-per-click marketing campaign. This amount is based on a variety of factors, including the quality of your landing page, the level of competition for the keywords you are bidding on, and the quality of your ad.


Hashtags are used on Twitter. A hashtag (#) denotes a category. If you want to put a tweet into a specific category, you need to type a hashtag and then a keyword after the hashtag. Then, if people search by hashtag, they can find your tweet.

Hard Bounce

A hard bounce refers to an email that’s returned to the sender due to an invalid email address. When you get a hard bounce, you need to take the email address out of your email management software.

Landing Page

A landing page is typically an opt-in page. It will have an opt-in form that people can fill out to join your mailing list.


“Likes” are used on Facebook. The more likes your posts get, the more engaged your fans are. There are several different Facebook marketing strategies you can use to increase your likes.

Link Building

Link building is the process of creating links that point to your website. Search engines analyze links when determining site rankings, so this is very important. It’s also important that you get links from reputable, high ranking sites.

Open Rate

The open rate refers to the number of people who open your emails. You can increase your open rates by sending emails at the right time of day and by having compelling subject lines.


When someone fills out a lead generation form on your landing page to join your list, he is opting-in to your email list.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website so it will show up in the organic search results. Every website should have good SEO to drive traffic.


A tweet is a post on Twitter. Tweets have to be 140 characters or less, so they often include abbreviations and shortened URLs.

By Kelli Wilkinson

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