How To Prepare For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

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The holiday season is just around the corner and as you may have seen the marketing world is already buzzing. One might say this year will be “unprecedented” due to the many obstacles retailers are facing – think major shipping delays, low inventory, and fierce competition. However; there are a few things you can do to get ahead now to ensure your BFCM runs smoothly.


Go For Gift Cards

Unfortunately, we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, which has put a big strain on inventory levels. In order to combat the issue, offer your customers gift cards. Gift cards are a great way for brands to drive sales going into Q4 and re-engage customers in Q1 next year. It’s also a nice way to capture more customers for last-minute gifts. After the holiday season, you can re-engage those users on new products, deals, or how they can take advantage of their gift cards.


Encourage Your Customers To Shop Early 

You may have noticed that some brands have already started their Black Friday sales. While this tactic might not be for everyone, it is a good lesson on being prepared. Be sure to include messaging around shipping in your emails, as well as your site site. Utilize sitewide banners, update your homepage content and use cart messages to clearly communicate your shipping cut-offs. With everyone ordering products around the holidays we expect to see even greater delays. Avoid confusion and stress by clearly communicating with your customers so gifts arrive by Christmas.


Loyalty Matters

With every brand running promotions during this holiday season, it’s important to engage with your VIPs. Offer this segment early access to your sale, or special promotions, such as double the loyalty points, to encourage a purchase. This tactic could also entice subscribers or customers to actually use the loyalty program too! Then, be sure you’re engaging those customers who might not have interacted with content as a sort of winback


Your BFCM Checklist 

Below are a few ideas we used from Klaviyo to help you start planning! 

  • What is your target revenue? 
  • What are your net new subscriber targets and new customers?
  • Brainstorm content and commit to promotions 
  • Set dates for promotions, campaign sends and reminders 

You can also reference these great articles and resources to help you get started!

Now that you have insight into this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday it’s time to get those campaigns started! Good luck! 


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