How to Implement HubSpot CRM in Your Enterprise Tech Stack

hubspot-crm-logoYou may be familiar with HubSpot’s marketing capabilities, but have you gone down the rabbit hole with the CRM and all of the new features they’ve released in the past year or so? We’re big fans of the platform at PCR, so much so that we’re Platinum partners with almost 10 years of experience. In this blog, we’ll cover why we think you should consider HubSpot for your enterprise technology stack, how their CRM can be such a game-changer for your business, and the top capabilities from our first-hand experience.


Why HubSpot?

HubSpot is extremely adaptable and adoptable – you can completely customize the setup to your specific needs and it’s really user-friendly. It can seem overwhelming at first to start from scratch, but HubSpot really does make for a strong foundation for your CRM that is easy to tweak and change to fit your needs as time goes on. The biggest challenge with any CRM platform is whether or not your team will adopt it and use it to its full extent. HubSpot takes away the worst, most confusing parts of the CRM and replaces it with a simple platform that allows you to easily locate the information you need so you can focus on what matters – making your business money.

The software is constantly evolving and HubSpot makes customer and community feedback a top priority when considering new or updated features to roll out. HubSpot also offers many native integrations and has an open API, making it even easier to seamlessly integrate into your current technology stack and platforms. Lastly, HubSpot is pretty cost-effective since you only pay for what you actually need and can do everything in one place.


Top-Notch Capabilities

We could spend hours talking about everything you can do with HubSpot, but here’s a list of our favorites:

As you can see, the list goes on and HubSpot has a great Knowledge Base filled with “How To” articles and examples. Bottom line, your entire team can work together in HubSpot to streamline efforts, and the tools will grow with you as business expands. 



No matter how much effort you put into building your CRM, the data is only as good as what’s being put in and kept up to date by your team day-to-day. Reporting is critical to knowing how your business is really performing, how to align marketing and sales efforts, forecasting revenue, and more. How else can you gauge success? HubSpot’s reporting capabilities are just as robust and versatile as the marketing and sales components. HubSpot can handle reporting on the most specific items once the correct properties are set in place. Not to mention dashboards can also be customized to each user’s home screen, allowing everyone from the team, Executive to Account Manager, to have insight into productivity or revenue forecasting. 

You can check out this article about dashboard customization for more information. 


In The Field 

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some really amazing clients. HubSpot has been a huge game-changer in their businesses and we’d like to share a few case studies that demonstrate the versatility of the platform. 

  • An Enterprise Global Moving and Logistics Company was looking to switch CRM platforms and chose HubSpot for the many aforementioned reasons. PCR worked alongside the team to customize several different sales pipelines for over 200 employees across numerous teams. HubSpot was able to handle every nuance and seamlessly tackled customization for each pipeline, contact, and company record. 
  • OSEA, a nationally recognized skincare brand, needed help streamlining its sales leads and business partnerships in one platform. After onboarding the team to HubSpot CRM, we created a strategy that gave their team a clear picture of what leads were associated with what retail stores, along with a pipeline to provide a better visual of sales opportunities.
  • A local company here in Jacksonville, All About Blinds & Shutters uses HubSpot forms for lead capture, as well as the marketing and automation tools. Once a contact comes into the platform, we’re able to track the record and nurture the lead to make a purchase. We also use automation to confirm appointments and communicate with customers beyond a  quarterly newsletter.

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