How to Choose a Quality Agency

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As a digital marketing agency, our main objectives are to understand our clients’ goals, identify their obstacles, and, ultimately, to help them reach their marketing targets. More specifically, we use the inbound marketing methodology, which is a proven, results-driven bundle o’  strategies for achieving online (and offline) marketing goals. While SEO is a piece of this puzzle, we do more than that, and our team of highly-trained inbound marketing experts is dedicated to our clients’ online marketing success.

So, in  a mere 78 words, that’s who we are what we do. But, of course, there’s a whole lot more to this marketing hustle, and, unfortunately, we’ve seen a few charlatans in our company’s lifetime. That said, we’ve compiled our very best advice to help you choose a quality digital marketing agency that really can make your marketing dreams come true.

Investigate their industry expertise.

Well, not their industry, but your industry. If you’re a partner in a legal firm and a potential agency hasn’t created and executed a full-blown legal marketing campaign, that should be a deal-breaker. An agency should have experience creating content for your niche, show you examples, and explain specific stats on past campaigns.
Then, investigate their industry expertise.
Find about their skill-set and experience. Who does what?
Look for expertise in the following areas:

• Strategic planning
• Project management
• Buyer persona development
• Graphic design expertise
• Tactical and technology integration
• Results-driven methodology

Consider their energy.

The “personality” of the agency, that is. Are you dealing with a bunch of stressed-out, pushy project managers? Then, unless you want to deal with those stressed-out, pushy PMs on the regular, we suggest you grab your coat and hat. But, seriously, this will end up being a close working relationship and you really need to like these people.
You are an expert in your industry and they are experts in theirs. That said, your relationship should be on mutual respect, something that should be apparent from the jump.
Ask them to show you the data.

We mean the money. No, wait. Definitely the data. Anyway, if an agency can’t back up its strategies with data that proves their effectiveness, steer clear. Like, way clear. There is just too much technology to be working on “hunches” and “your gut.” Much too much.

At PCR Agency, we have gone all in on the inbound marketing methodology because we can prove that it is the most effective approach to marketing. In fact, companies that utilize inbound marketing practices are able to clearly identify whether or not their targets are being reached, and, then, adjust accordingly. You see, unlike traditional outbound marketing agencies and digital marketing agencies that don’t track their results, this methodology closes the spending loop by tracking exactly how your marketing investment has delivered. We like to call this “marketing justification.”

Study their website.

Essentially, you want to know if they practice what they preach. How does their website rank in search engines and for relevant key words? Do they blog regularly? It is clear that content really is the king? Quiz them about their own marketing strategy. What works the best? What tactic have they tried and ultimately decided to forgo? You what we’re saying here.
Find out where their content comes from.

Is it local? Organic? Free-range? And grass-fed? You get the metaphor. Do they provide quality, professional, publication-worthy content, or is it junk written by who-knows-who from who-knows-where? Ask for a sample; you’ll be able to spot a fake.

So, are you ready to schedule a free marketing analysis with the best of the best, if we do say so ourselves?

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