How Prototyping Solves Problems and Promotes Productivity

When working with new clients, our primary course of action involves providing them with the perspective to target current problems and devise feasible solutions. We strategically analyze existing data, assess major competition, and provide insight in order to optimize responsive, connective campaigns. In many cases, the process to get from problem to solution evolves through prototyping. During the prototyping process, our team meets face-to-face with the client to devise research-oriented roadmap toward optimization and lead generation. Whether the challenge is to conquer design challenges, revamp outdated dated business models, or work on content improvement, prototyping has proven to be a beneficial method to understand both a client and their customer’s pain points on a firsthand basis.

In order to illustrate our process, we’ve developed the business persona Designer Doughnut & Bagel Co. to break down the steps that we take when prototyping and considerations we make throughout the process.


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