7 Reasons Your Law Firm Should be Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing getting started

Marketing is for personal injury law firms, ambulance chasers, and the dog-bite attorney.

Hey, wait a minute…

You see, traditionally, attorneys and law firms have skirted the whole social media marketing game, relying on referrals and networking to drive new clients. But we have some compelling reasons to embrace digital marketing tactics, especially since, thanks to the Internet, your prospective clients are more empowered that an ever to research other attorneys and find their own legal advice.

With a majority of Internet-users reaching for their phones and tablets instead of sitting down to their PCs, more and more small businesses are devoting an average of 20% of their marketing budgets to social media, mobile apps, blogging, responsive websites, SMS text messaging, and the like. What’s more is that, in 2013, these same small businesses upped their previous spending by 41%.

This is serious, guys and gals.

So, let’s take a look at PCR Agency’s top reasons to implement mobile marketing tactics:

• You can easily demonstrate your expertise. You may be thinking that descending to interaction on Facebook and Twitter might undermine your professionalism. However, when you engage in thoughtful and creative ways, this isn’t likely to happen. This is because adding a blogging feature to your website where you write relevant helpful content about legal issues that are pertinent to your clientele, you come off as a thought leader and an expert. Read: trustworthy. This is why it’s important to write the content yourself and keep a firm handle on your brand. From here, you can blast your posts on Facebook, and provide legal commentary on Twitter, for example.
• You can connect with more people. When you are creating and sharing original content that addresses your clients’ pain points, your site will gain more visitors and your clients will start sharing your posts. Essentially, mobile and social marketing tactics are just digital forms of networking, something you already know and do well.
• You’ll have more options. Just like a majority of Internet-users, you probably aren’t in front of your computer all day. This means you also probably use a mobile device for checking in with others and surfing the Web. By adding mobile capabilities to your site and embracing social media, you can create, update, and share content anywhere, anytime.
• You’ll be easier to contact. This is a no-brainer. By linking your phone number and e-mail address on your website, you’ll be more accessible. Your prospective clients can contact you instantly and from anywhere.
• You don’t have to build a strategy from scratch. You’ll want your website to serve as the hub of your mobile marketing efforts, so you will first want to make any necessary updates to ensure that it is mobile-friendly (responsive). From there, you can easily add a blog feature (we recommend WordPress) and social media icons. After that, you’ll just be using mobile apps that have already been created. No sweat.
• Your clients are more empowered than your think. With all of this technology informing a majority of our daily lives, consumers are empowered in all sorts of ways to avoid traditional advertisements and find their own information. This means that you have to meet your customers where they spend their time—on the Internet.
• Your traditional advertisements probably aren’t working. This hunch is a by-product of the reality that consumers have become savvy technology users who are experts at avoiding all sorts of advertising messages. Think about it: We fast-forward through television commercials, listen to iPods instead of the radio, and quickly pitch mailouts into the recycling bin.

If you would like to discuss a specialized mobile marketing strategy for your legal business or law firm, contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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