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The Problem

With a robust assortment, Grav was facing user experience and merchandising challenges rooted in product findability and lack of driving AOV. A layer of their challenge was to represent all products in a meaningful way on the website. In addition, Grav was looking to personalize the user experience based on the persona of their customer.

The Solution

To increase AOV, we introduced, a product recommendations widget to drive an AI oriented approach to product recommendations. With strategic placement throughout the site, coupled with testing algorithms, we drove $540K in incremental volume which equates to 19% of revenue year-to-date (through mid-September). We also strategized and implemented shoppable collection pages throughout the website, increasing repeat customer conversion rate on the collection pages.

The Results

Identifying key opportunities of growth by increasing the level of sophistication for email automation and introducing an Al oriented approach to products, we increased AOV, conversion rates, and overall revenue from email.

  • Increased AOV +6%
  • Increased collection page conversion rate 0.4 ppts
  • Increased yearly revenue from product recommendations +19%
  • Increased conversion rates from product recommendations +7.35%
  • Increased revenue attributed to email (Q1 vs Q2 2022) +26%
  • Increased email conversion rate (Q1 vs Q2 2022) +27%
  • Increased open rate (Q1 vs Q2 2022) +67%
  • Increases click rate (Q1 vs Q2 2022) +63%