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The Problem

A popular coffee roaster and cafe operator on the East Coast, Devocion wanted to invest in their eCommerce business and diversify their revenues to grow online, while the future of in-store was unknown due to COVID-19. They had no shortage of audience, but needed support on how to engage them, segment and optimize the communications to maximize ROI.

The Solution

To build a strong and simplified digital foundation, we optimized Klaviyo account to introduce new revenue generated from flows, along with utilizing the features of Klaviyo to allow marketing data to be stored in one location that will allow the use of A/B testing and improvements.

Expanding upon the marketing automations, we implemented an audience capture platform to gather valuable customer data that allowed for segmentations within the CRM.

The Results

Expanded the automations and customer engagements from one core cart abandonment to five dynamic marketing automations flows to improve communication frequency, tailored messaging, and revenue impact.

Through improved audience capture, automations and customer segmentation, we were able to improve marketing metrics for eCommerce sales across the board.

  • Email Revenue improved 28%
  • Open Rate improved 10%
  • Overall CTR improved 3%