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Developed ecommerce strategy with a focus on website infrastructure, customer journey, and website architecture to support an intuitive hierarchy.

The Problem

Axessorize is a multi-brand company focusing on both their US and CA websites. They are established in the wholesale space but needed support building their eCommerce strategy, specifically focusing on building one storefront for both the Axessorize brand and their sister brand, My Mellow. Their challenge was two-fold as new users represented the majority of traffic but returning users generated the majority of sales. There was a huge opportunity to increase new user conversion rate that converted significantly lower than returning users (over four percentage points).

The Solution

We recommended an ecommerce strategy built upon a seamless website infrastructure that easily allows the user to browse each brand within the family of brands to create a frictionless customer journey. We also built a tabbed website architecture to display the family of brands and strategically re-architected the brand’s taxonomy to create an intuitive hierarchy, one that supports product findability in addition to allowing each brand to maintain its unique voice and brand identity.



Increased conversion rate


Increase new user conversion rate

16 ppts

Decreased bounce rate

14 ppts

Decreased new user bounce rate